God’s Love In Many Things

This morning’s weather is glorious.  Initially, heavy rain clouds lying close to the ground owned the sky.  The temperature was in the upper sixties and a cool, stiff, breeze came in from the west.  I could smell and feel rain in the air.  The colors of the clouds ranged from raging gray to a soft, heather hue.  Their shapes were so well defined it made me think of looking up at the bottom of an overfull cookie jar with the random outlines of homemade oatmeal cookies.

Around 7:00am a light mist began and as I walked to the pill line I was overcome with a desire to stand in it and enjoy it until soaked.  3693875681_7f4b8ca42b_zSo I did.  I got my medicine and instead of heading to the library as I normally would, I went to Rec and sat in the bleachers enjoying the mist, the cool breeze and quickly moving clouds overhead.  I got soaked.  I loved it.  I felt like a kid waiting out a storm in the schoolyard – with razor wire topped fencing LOL.

Now, at 8:30 am the temp has climbed into the low 70s and the sky is full of large, puffy cotton-ball gliders riding the westerly wind.  Far above them, seemingly motionless, sit the cirrus clouds like shepherds tending flock.  It’s a display of God’s art that can only be appreciated by looking up, you know?

I find God’s love in so many things now – a misty morning, blue skies interrupted by racing clouds, a table by the window in the library.

Photo Credit: Monsoon Bliss taken by Ram Ready https://www.flickr.com/photos/rammorrison/3693875681/

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