Merry Christmas

To all I wish you a merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy this poem by JMAaron.


Your Ticket

By: JMAaron

He stood outside the window,

Nose pressed against the glass

And told his Mommy, “Look, look, look!

Watch the ‘lectric train go past!


Can there be a greater gift

Than that beneath the tree?

Oh Mommy can I have one?

Please please please please please please?

“I’ve heard it said there’s a greater train,

We’ve only to climb on board

Its destination a wonderful place

And the Engineer, our Lord.

Oh Mommy, so we’ll go to church,

Tomorrow’s Christmas Day,

But this train is here, this train is now!

What’s your answer, won’t you say?

The answer’s not mine to give,

His train waits at the station.

It’s been that way, I’m sure

Since the beginning of creation.

Mommy you talk in riddles,

Besides, can’t you see?

This train puffs smoke and blows its horn

Going round the giant tree!”

That was years ago

The boy’s a full grown man

Standing at the window

Now holding his son’s hand

“Daddy! Please please Daddy!

I want the train so very very bad!

It’s the last gift that I’ll ask for

And the greatest I’ve ever had!

“See the Engineer my son?

It’s driven by the Lord.

He bought our tickets on Calvary

We need only climb on board.

Daddy this train says Li-o-nel

It hauls cows and little pink hogs.

There’s a bell that rings

And a flatbed full of logs!

God’s train is called Salvation

And we really can’t resist.

We need to work and pray my son

To stay on his good-little-boys list

The lesson I learned so long ago

As a boy then, only seven

Redemption’s His line, His Load our souls

And the destination Heaven.”

Don’t stand outside the window

With your nose against the glass,

Accept Him as your Savior

Or you’ll see the train go past.


Christmas Day’s but once a year

Use your ticket on any day

It leaves on time, it waits for YOU

Climb on, sit down, be on your way.

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  1. RMcB says:

    Thinking of you today and sending prayers of warmth, Christmas, and strength of a thousand warriors. Stay strong and know you are loved. You WILL be home for Christmas one day.


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