Happy Anniversary


Days of celebration.

Two have come around.

My040 Happy Anniversary

The first is the second anniversary of this blog. Without you, dear readers, it would mean nothing. Thank you to those that follow my blog as well as those that visit occasionally or even just once. I consider it a privilege to write for you and an honor that you would come back to see my reflections from prison.

This blog has been therapeutic for me. It has helped me to write away a lot of emotional pain and detritus. As I’ve explored my faith I’ve worked to improve myself. I’m far from perfect, or even good or done, but I feel I’m a better man than when I was first incarcerated. And you’ve all shared my journey thus far and for that I am thankful to have had partners along the way.

The second anniversary is of more importance to me: the 32nd anniversary of my marriage. The woman that has stood by my side through good times as well as bad is absolutely amazing. I’ve written of her before and I feel I’ve been able to share some of her through the words written here. I wish you could all know her personally for every life she touches is the better for it.

The time has passed so quickly; where did it go? I can clearly recall the day of our wedding. Watching her walk down the aisle to me was inspiring. The look upon her face, that smile I love so much and the love in her eyes is still with me today. I can only say that she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen – and still is today.

Yes, we’ve both aged. I have a lot less hair and a bigger waistline. She has lovely laugh lines at the corners of her eyes and a touch of gray in her hair and yet every time I see her I still see that same woman I married all those years ago. How blessed I am to have her in my life.

It’s a great week for me. Thanks to you all I’ve been able to share my musings from prison for two years. And thanks to my wife’s strength and commitment I have enjoyed the love of this woman for more than 37 years (32 years in marriage and more than 5 years dating prior to our marriage).

I love you dear wife and I’m looking forward to being by your side again soon. I hope all you readers are fortunate enough to have someone as special in your lives.

Be well and thank you all again.

~ jdoe

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