Happy Mother’s Day

7.7 Billion.

This is the 2019 estimate for the number of people in the world.

3.8 Billion.

This is the 2019 estimate for the number of females in the world. (49.6%, just slightly less than half).

2+ Billion.

This is the estimate for the number of mothers in the world (52.4% of all females are mothers!).

Women in general have the second hardest job in the world. So, who has the hardest?

Men, of course.


The hardest job in the world is held by those 2+ billion women who are mothers.

When I think back to what I put my mom through and what I watched my kids put my wife through and heard what my nieces and nephews put my sisters through…goodness! And who feels it like a mom? Not dad. Oh, I felt things and they were challenging but there’s something between mom and child that is truly unique to all other relationships. When a child skins a knee or gets lost in a crowd or has an argument with a friend, whose name do they call out? Mom. Right? Whose name did you call out? I know I called out for mom.

The number of times my mom mended our cuts and abrasions, broken hearts and crushed egos is countless – and always with a kiss whether real or spiritual, her unspoken wish we’d never have to experience these things, and her silent prayer we’d get through it all without any scars; which we mostly did thanks to her ministrations and demonstrations of love.

Who was our biggest fan? Who was at every art show, band and/or choir concert, sporting event, and graduation? Just look at the refrigerator where you’ll see your crayon drawing of a dog, art class picture frame with a photo of your smiling face peeking out, the program from your last concert, the schedule for your senior year soccer games, and the graduation announcements for preschool, kindergarten, grade and middle schools, and finally high school all buried under your diploma from college. Mom has your entire life pasted there right where she can see it and be near it every day. And it means something to her – everything.

But it wasn’t all roses was it? How about the hours at the ER for fever, broken bones, and stitches? Or the detention meeting with your principal because you skipped history to go to the mall or got caught smoking in the rest room? Maybe it was telling dad about the new dent in the car because you were busy talking with your friends as you backed into the newly derailed garage door. And then there were all those nights when you came in just a little, or a lot, past your curfew – and didn’t call. Shall I go on?

Didn’t she give you everything you always wanted? Not if she was a good mom. But it broke her heart not to. Did she give you everything you needed? She tried. And it broke her heart when she couldn’t.

When you really stop to think about it, she was the center of your world YET she made you the center of hers.

How magical.

This year, my mom continued her efforts at making my world whole by spending her Mother’s Day with me in the visitation room and once again making me the center of her world.

I know Mother’s Day was last weekend, so this comes late but the message and the feelings are the same. I love you Mom. And Happy Mother’s Day to all 2+ billion moms around the globe.

Thank you mom for all you’ve done for me. Even now, when I’m 56 years old you still hold my hand. Through it all you’ve always been there for me supporting, cheering, crying, and loving. Never did I feel alone.

How magical.


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