Siren Song

This week I’m taking some time off as it’s Father’s Day. I thought I’d post a poem instead. It’s not about fatherhood but I enjoy it. I hope you do too. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! 



Siren Song

By: JMAaron


I float, dear Siren, within the rift

Tween knowing and unknown

I sail upon a melody

Do you claim it as your own?


Like a bouy dancing in the night

Ringing its loathsome bell

I feel it calling ‘cross the sea

My fate, tis its lonesome knell?


I fear, dear Siren, a dirge you’ve played

Please soul, heed the warning

And after your baton you’ve dropped

Is it I you’ll be mourning?


Skeletons with hands ghastly rendered

The strings play resolute

While monsters draw their rancid breath

Do I dance lured by their flute?


Like me, dear Siren, perhaps you’re played

As strings upon a lyre

Pandora orchestrates, encore

For our sacrificial pyre?


You have, Pandora, my Pandora

Composed a symphony

The clef, the key, the antiphon

Bottomless cacophony?


Lyrics, chorus, my journey charted

Summoned, I can’t resist

Your music box, it’s lid removed

Pandora my fate has kissed?


Pandora, my Siren, you’ve revealed

Sighs from a dusty tome

My boat I row for my feet to 

Dance away, dance away, home

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