Make A Joyful Noise

When I was a boy my hero was my father, but my idol was Elvis Presley.  I’d often fantasize about being a singer and if anyone were to ask me today, even at age 55, I’d tell them being a singer is still my fantasy profession. Recently, both my sister and wife sent me information…

Joy In The Tribulation: Always & Again, Choose It

Please see previous posts:  Joy in the Tribulation: Always &  Joy In The Tribulation: Always & Again Well, here we are at the last installment of our pursuit of joy through music. Before going into this third song let’s take a step back and answer the question: Why is jdoe going into Joy In The Tribulation…

Joy In The Tribulation: Always & Again

In the last posting, Joy in the Tribulation: Always, I referred to a song titled simply, “joy” by King & Country – I hope you enjoyed listening to it! I commented on how the singer is seeking joy; making a choice between status quo and experiencing joy in life. In the end he chooses joy….

To My Love

Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate the one we love. I’ve sent out my cards. Yes, I said cardS. Why more than one? I have four significant women in my life – mother, sister, daughter and wife. Each is important to me in unique ways but it’s my wife I want to write about now….


The song that follows touches me because it says, in words I wish I had written, that even in our darkest hours we can glorify God. That no matter what our situation is, we can praise Him. That He cares for us and opens the doors for us. Recently, I have been struggling with issues…